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About The Hub Redwood City:



We serve craft coffee from Chromatic in San Jose and offer a range of unique, New Zealand style food options.   We have live music and events, sports, game tournaments, theme nights and special events to name just a few. 

Our vision is to provide an awesome space for both work and play.   In addition to the current bar and nightclub, providing games and entertainment into the evening,  The Hub has just begun opening early in the day as a coffee shop and shared workspace with fast, free customer Internet.

Upstairs is perfect for team building events, office happy hours and event hire.  If you're tasked with organising an event, just ask how we can help make it easy and fun.

There are many, many more things to come - connect with us on our social media platforms to keep updated.

We are excited to be a part of a developing Redwood City and looking forward to having you join us!

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