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COVID-19 Policy

Outdoor Dining:

  • Anyone with a fever, cough or other COVID symptoms is asked not to attend

  • Parties must wait to be seated & can choose between masked or unmasked dining sections

  • Other than children, guests in the "masked" area must wear face coverings when not actively dining/drinking

  • No more than 6 people per table, who must all be from the same household

  • Maintain 6 foot distance between groups

  • Alcohol may only be sold with a meal, 21+ age verification required

We not only want to be able to stay open, we want to show that responsible behavior will help us all get through this.   We also understand that some establishments are not enforcing these state mandated rules.  That is their choice but we aim to be part of the solution, not part of the problem - the sooner we all get on top of this, the sooner we can return to normal.  Please respect these requirements

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