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The story so far...

Bought a bar... enter COVID-19... RIP bars!

So, what’s next?


So now you’re fully up to date, what is next for us?


FOOOOD. We’re expanding our New Zealand influenced menu from the limited bar snacks selection we had, to... more!

  • our NZ pies,

  • Main courses,

  • Sides that Grandma used to make,

  • “Impossible VEGAN sausage rolls” that have fooled the meat eaters, plus a growing range of vegan and gluten free options,

  • Interesting drinks, and...

  • Sweet treats soon to be added.


But right now, dine-in is dead and the standard “ready to eat” take-out approach is challenging unless already established in that market...


So... we’re doing FROZEN, VACUUM PACKED “Ready to Heat” New Zealand influenced meals where you can order in advance, mix and match, get bulk discounts (up to 20% off!) and then collect for less time than you spend waiting for your daily delivery driver. And no one can sneeze on your meal in the interim!


The three V’s: Variety, Value and coVid free :)


PLUS, we are still allowed socially distanced outdoor dining, so reserve a spot, grab some food and perhaps a responsible drink, then pick up your frozen order to take home to your freezer.


Future food plans include full dine-in (with special events such as Sunday Roasts), take-out, catering and world domination. But for now we’re excited to grow another aspect of the business. We look forward to seeing your masked faces and we appreciate your support!!

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