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We are pivoting!


For the moment, we’ve decided to switch to focusing on events. There are many reasons behind this:


  • Changes in post pandemic drinking habits

  • Loss of commuting workers

  • Staffing shortages

  • Changes in the city that have adversely affected this end of town


Day to day business has been incredibly unpredictable, so we’re concentrating our efforts on the things we can predict.

What does this mean?

We will be focusing more heavily on private hire & internal events.  So if you’re looking for an event space for a private party, corporate event etc, let us know here.

We will still be open for customers (over 21) for our regular events (such as board game nights, burlesque and live entertainment), or if there is a private hire event upstairs. We do realize this will be disappointing for some of our regulars - this was not a decision we took lightly but we are excited to focus on further improvements to the space and creating more unique, fun events. We have a number of announcements coming up on that front soon!


Our New Zealand influenced food menu will be available during regular events, plus we will cater for internal & private events, but outside of that we are putting the kitchen on hold until there’s a more favorable staffing environment.


Because irregular hours are not generally supported by sites such as Google Maps, we are still figuring out the best way to advertise our opening times, but will post regular updates on social media & will work hard to keep our calendar up to date.

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